Anatomy of an Exceptional Health Club — Part I: Facilities

on Tuesday, 01 December 2015. Posted in Catalyst News

Part one in a three-part series.

Celebrating 2 Important Milestones

The last quarter of 2015 marks two positive milestones for Catalyst Health & Fitness. We’re celebrating our 5-year anniversary—and also celebrating the grand reopening of out newly acquired, renovated and greatly improved Catalyst Middlebury Club!

In looking back at our efforts and progress, it’s rewarding to realize that our growth and success can be attributed NOT to “building yet another work out gym,” but rather, to a planned focus on creating something EXCEPTIONAL. A fitness-minded community of successful, respected members that lead by example through healthier achievements and more rewarding lifestyles. At Catalyst, our members tell us time and again that membership is about more than “just working out…it’s about being part of and sharing in something great!” It is those very accolades from members that inspired this detailed look at what makes Catalyst an exceptional health club experience.

The “anatomy” an EXCEPTIONAL Health Club begins with the Facilities that embody it!

I view our Catalyst facilities as the “body” of what makes Catalyst great—the supporting “framework” that houses all that we do and offer. When I opened our first club in Southbury 5 years ago, the goals of my team and I were clear: design a facility that would help us deliver uncommon value, rewarding experiences—and exceptional results.

To accomplish those things, we needed to offer opportunities as diverse as the goals of the members we served. There needed to be private spaces for group activities and classes, dedicated strength training rooms, inspirational cardio-fitness spaces, and comfortable group gathering areas that would promote motivational camaraderie among members. Also important was the inclusion of value-added amenities like child-care service, tanning rooms, personal training & fitness assessment areas, and luxury-appointed locker rooms that reflected the respect we have for our members and their families.

It wasn’t long after our first club opened that members and their friends started talking about the Catalyst difference. About how much more enjoyable—end effective— working out at Catalyst seemed to be. Less of a “gym,” and more of a “club”, where friends gathered to get stronger, lose weight faster, and realize a healthier lifestyle! 

Our steady growth in membership satisfaction eventually lead to our expanding into the former BALI’s health club in Middlebury. There, we applied the same principals we did in Southbury, performing a floor-to-ceiling renovation that today is worthy of the Catalyst name!

If you are a member, I hope you continue to enjoy and appreciate the ongoing improvements we are dedicated to bringing you in both our facilities.

If you are someone looking to be part of more than “just a gym,” I hope this article helps point out our facilities highlights. If you like what you are reading, I invite you to visit either club location. I promise a warm welcome—one that will let you hear and see how EXCEPTIONAL a health club membership can really be!

Here’s a quick look at just some of the member-focused amenities available within the “Facilities” of Catalyst Health & Fitness!

Spacious, well-lit Free-Weight stations and equipment

Abundant Muscle-Isolation resistance machines

Running and walking track

Luxury-appointed locker rooms with towel service

Private Fitness Consultation rooms

Expansive Group Exercise rooms

Dedicated, modern Spinning room

Motivational Cardio Fitness stations

Private tanning rooms

Safe and inspirational Child Care

Nutritious & delicious Juice & Shake Bar with Members Lounge areas

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    I began working with Kostas about six months before my wedding...The time that I spent in the gym with Kostas was the most fun I have had working out.

    — Diana Mirante


  • t2

    “Investing in Kostas made a significant…the integrity by which he runs his business, his persistence and expertise, and his balanced, compassionate, flexible approach…If I were to describe the experience in two words, it would be “Life Changing.”

    —Rich Morabito


  • t3

    “I began training with Janet at Catalyst…today I have progressed so that my blood pressure regularly tests at 110/70; my total cholesterol is 146 and my HDL is below 100.”

    — David Rapp


  • t4

    “Training with Stephanie at Catalyst has been the single best “health decision” I have ever made. My newfound muscle tone and weight loss are the visible counterpart to the internal strength and positivity I feel…”

    — Melissa Beth


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    “As a result of my training with Andrew, I am both physically and emotionally stronger. I am grateful for his guidance and highly recommend his training to anyone…”

    — Marianne Savarese


  • t6

    “Throughout this journey Kostas has been there to encourage me and push me beyond what I thought were my limits. He believed in me when I didn't believe in myself…”

    — Christine Peterson


  • t7

    “Cate took the time to get to know my lifestyle habits and fitness goals…by the time I finished training with her, I put on eight pounds of lean muscle…I would never have put on this many pounds of muscle without her coaching and guidance.”

    —Justin Slater


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